Dryer Placard 3" X 4" Sheet of 6 labels (Part no. PLAC34)

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Stay up to code and simplify your dryer vent installation with PLAC34. This nationally recognized solution ensures compliance with the 2009 International Mechanical and International Residential Code, providing a permanent label that displays the equivalent length of your duct run. Say goodbye to guesswork and confusion when determining the maximum allowed run-length specified by your dryer manufacturer.

Crafted for durability, our 3" X 4" Dryer Placard label is made from a resilient .010" thick Lexan® velvet-textured polycarbonate. This high-quality material is known for its toughness, as it is commonly used in bulletproof windows. Rest assured that this label will withstand the test of time and remain free from unsightly marks or damage.

Installing PLAC34 is a breeze, thanks to its 3M® 9471 pressure-sensitive adhesive. This adhesive ensures a permanent bond to a wide range of surfaces, providing a secure attachment that will not peel or loosen over time. Whether you choose to affix it on the baseboard, wall, or even within the Dryerbox receptacle, PLAC34 will stay firmly in place.

PLAC34 meets the requirements of ICC Code Sections IMC 504.6.5 and IRC 1502.4.5, which state that the equivalent length of the concealed exhaust duct must be identified on a permanent label or tag. By placing the label within 6 feet (1829mm) of the exhaust duct connection, you can easily comply with these regulations while ensuring the safety and efficiency of your dryer ventilation system.

Choose PLAC34 for a hassle-free solution that guarantees compliance and enhances your dryer installation. Simplify your project, meet code requirements, and enjoy peace of mind with our reliable dryer vent labeling solution.

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