Defender Model DFRP80 Dryer Vent Bird Guard

Defender Model DFRP80 Dryer Vent Bird Guard

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The Defender Model DFRP80 and DFRP65 Access+ provides superior protection against squirrels and birds entering the dryer exhaust system. This dryer vent bird guard features a front gate held in place by a drop-notch connection, making it easy to open for duct cleaning and maintenance without the need to unscrew and remove the dryer vent cover outside.

Available in white, tan, and brown, the Defender Model DFRP80 comes in two sizes: 6.5” wide and 8” wide. Installation is straightforward and hassle-free!

Model DFR8 (8" I.D.)

Available Colors:

  • White Dryer Vent Cover
  • Brown Dryer Vent
  • Tan Dryer Vent Cover

Model DFR8 (8" I.D.)


Available in White, Brown or Tan

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For Use & Materials:

  • Provides an extra layer of pest protection for exhaust systems.
  • Complies with IMC 504.4 & IRC 1502.3 standards.
  • Made with 18 gauge zinc and powder-coated steel hood.
  • Features 10 gauge zinc and powder-coated steel bars.


  • Deters Birds and Rodents: The dryer vent bird guard cover effectively prevents bird and rodent entry.
  • Hides Unsightly Vents: Enhances the exterior appearance by covering vents.
  • Works on All Siding Types: Compatible with various siding materials.
  • Extra Weather Protection: Provides additional protection against weather elements.
  • Easy Installation and Removal: Simplifies cleaning and maintenance.


  • Heavy Gauge Zinc & Powder-Coated Steel: Durable and long-lasting materials.
  • Sized for Universal Applications: Fits over many vent sizes.
  • Extra Fastener Holes: Ensures easy installation.
  • Made in the USA: High-quality American craftsmanship.

Choose the Defender Model DFRP80 for a reliable and effective dryer vent guard. This bird guard vent cover not only deters pests but also enhances the look of your home's exterior. Ideal for those looking for dryer vents that keep birds out and offer extra pest protection. Ensure your dryer exhaust system is secure and compliant with the Defender Model DFRP80.

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