DBX1000M-4" Installation

DBX1000M-4" Installation Instructions

The DBX 1000M is 9 ¾” X 17” and 3_1/2” deep. The 3_1/2” deep box is for 2x4 or 2x6 framing. It is a 22 gauge metal dryer vent box with a 22 gauge “snap on trim ring”. It can be installed in 16” or 24” o.c. framing.
The DBX 1000M dryer vent box/ring is powder coated. For optimum results install the DBX 1000M for up/down venting in 2x4" or 2”X6” framed walls as follows:
Box Installation – 16” or 24” On-Center Spacing:
  1. Orient box to match desired venting direction. Allow a minimum of 4” of vent pipe to extend into the box.
  2. If gas line is to be installed, insert into knockout provided.
  3. Slide box into position taking care to correctly align vent pipe and gas pipe (if present).
  4. Set box so that the bottom is 2 5/8” above the floor to allow clearance for the trim ring.
  5. Attach box directly to either framing member and use straps to secure the other side to the opposite framing member.
  6. Screws or nails (1 ¼”) in length to attach the DBX1000M Box to framing.
Trim Installation Instructions:
  1. Trim carpenter to leave 1 ½” between inside edge of box and end of baseboard to allow trim ring clearance.
  2. Snap trim ring into opening, No Caulking Required.
  3. Trim Ring is powder coated, no finishing required.
  4. Trim Ring accommodates ½” or 5/8” drywall.