Improve Your Laundry Room Venting with the DBX1000M Dryer Vent Box with Trim Ring

Are you renovating or building a laundry room and looking for a better way to vent your dryer? Traditional methods can leave you with gaps, uneven surfaces, and costly repairs. The DBX1000M dryer vent box with trim ring is the solution you need for a functional, efficient, and polished venting system.

Made of durable 22 gauge metal and powder-coated white to match your washer box, the DBX1000M is available in two models to fit different wall types. The DBX1000M-4 is perfect for a 2x4 studded wall, with an oval opening at the top of the box to accommodate a 4" round pipe. The DBX1000M-6 is designed for a 2x6 wall.

The snap-on trim ring eliminates the need for extra drywall, caulking, and paint repairs, giving your laundry room a professional and cohesive look. The required length identification label inside the box ensures a correct installation, saving you time and money.

The DBX1000M is designed to fit snugly between the studs, maximizing space in your laundry room and minimizing the risk of lint buildup and fire hazards. Plus, it gives you peace of mind that your venting system is up to code and functioning properly.

To sum it up, the DBX1000M dryer vent box with trim ring is a high-quality and reliable product that offers easy installation and aesthetic appeal. Choose it for your laundry room venting needs and enjoy a functional, efficient, and polished laundry room.