Ensure Building Code Compliance with Inovate Dryer Placard and LT-90 Long Radius Elbow

If you're a homeowner or builder looking to comply with building code requirements for dryer vent systems, understanding equivalent length is crucial. It is the total length of your dryer vent system, including fittings and components that can cause resistance to airflow.

To make calculating equivalent length easier, consider using the Inovate Dryer Placard. This permanent label provides a convenient reference for future maintenance and repairs, ensuring compliance with building code requirements. Simply mark the length of your system on the placard with a permanent marker.

In addition to the Dryer Placard, using Inovate's LT-90 Long Radius Elbow can help reduce the overall equivalent length of your dryer vent system. Compared to traditional short-radius elbows, the LT-90 has an equivalent length of just 2.5 feet per elbow. By incorporating this specially designed elbow, you can help your dryer operate efficiently and safely while complying with building code requirements.

Calculating equivalent length is simple. Measure the actual length of the exhaust duct, and add equivalent length values for each fitting. Straight duct sections have an equivalent length of 1 foot per foot of actual length, short-radius elbows have an equivalent length of 5 feet per elbow, and long-radius elbows (such as the Inovate LT-90) have an equivalent length of 2.5 feet per elbow. Add up the equivalent lengths for each fitting and compare it to the manufacturer's maximum allowable exhaust length for your specific dryer model.

Investing in the Inovate Dryer Placard and LT-90 Long Radius Elbow will help ensure your dryer vent system complies with building code requirements and operates safely and efficiently.